About The Artist

image I divide my time between painting, teaching and my Architectural practice. I am a Torpedo Factory Artist and a Capitol Hill Arts Workshop faculty member. I studied painting at the University of Michigan and The Art League and have participated in workshops throughout the United States and Europe.

"Hoben’s mixed media series, “Mending Fences,” has come to create a subtle commentary on our current political and economic environment. Hoben’s great-great-grandfather, J. Wallace Page, invented a woven-wire fence in 1883. “Fences are in my blood,” she states. This series began with a simple sketch of a bamboo fence, and Hoben then realized there was so much to explore artistically with this subject matter. Her works are made expressive by her powerful and aggressive use of line and mark making.
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Michele Hoben’s "Through the Wire IV" was awarded for "its wonderful atmospheric quality and sense of light. Your eye is carried throughout the piece by the mark making – it has a musical quality. This is a very competent artist." Glenn Perry, National Gallery, Art League Jurist

Artist Statement

image Fences are used to establish boundaries. They protect and hold, conveying safety as well as fear. They define territory and prevent mixture; keeping people/creatures in or out, belonging versus not belonging. Nations have waged war and neighbors have spilled blood over their location. As structures, fences are often beautiful. Sometimes they appear menacing. The materials used are both humble and exquisite; the duties they perform both purposeful and silly. Line is the foundation of my fence series. The play of transparency and opacity, negative space and patterns of light and dark created by the different fence structures and materials are also interesting to explore and are an important part of my work.